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After working as contractors, we found that we would typically start searching for jobs right at the end of current contracts. Given the volatility in the market and our work on contractor solutions, we wanted to consolidate contractor jobs available to make it easy for not only our customers but contractors in the UK to find work.


16 ways we're different

Opportunities feed

No other provider in the UK provides specific opportunities for contractors like we do. We actually help find ways to grow your business.

Ruthless efficiency

Your time is precious. With automatic bank feeds, smart reconcilliation rules, Direct Debits for VAT, mobile accounting app, early filing and insanely responsive support - your business admin will feel like a thing of the past.

Dedicated accountant: a single point of contact

You know exactly who is managing your accounts - you won't have a general support@ inbox. You get a single named accountant who will resolve all your queries.

Book meetings easily

You can book a convenient time with your accountant easily. Prebooking means we can go through your account in detail to make sure we maximise your time on the call.

5 ways to speak to your accountant

You can call, live chat, email, text or use Google hangouts (and screenshare) to speak to your accountant.

Account Health Score

We monitor your FreeAgent account everyday to give you an up to date "Account Health Score" - calculated by your last login, number of unreconciled transactions, directors loan account, dividends, banking re-consent, funds available and level of expenses. We'll send you a notification if it starts to drop and ways to improve it.

Never ever miss a deadline

We've been fined in the past and won't let it happen to you. Know your exact deadlines and get notifications when everything has been filed.

Premium partnerships

We try and test every product we recommend based on account setup times, customer service and value for money.We specifically do not recommend Metro bank, Cater Allen and Kingsbridge insurance due to poor experiences in the past - they pay good referral fees though which is why other accountants recommend them!

Integrated dashboard

See your key FreeAgent data, speak to your accountant, let us know if you're looking for work and find all your company details in one place.

FreeAgent included

We've trialed a wide range of accounting software and FreeAgent is the absolute best software for contractors and included in every package. Be very careful with providers who have created their own software. Get a £10/mo discount on your package if you bank with NatWest, Mettle or RBS.

Insurance included

We include Professional Indemnity insurance up to £1M in our "Grow Package". We'll provide all customers with a 10% discount on insurance with Superscript as well. All policies are on a monthly rolling contract.

Virtual office + meeting room services

You can use our central London office address as your registered company address with our "Operate" and "Grow" packages and we'll handle your mail for you. You can also stop by and grab a coffee in our cafe where you can work for a few hours or you can book meeting rooms from £60 an hour.

Built by contractors

We had terrible experiences with our accountants and business service providers, so we built a service we actually wanted to use.

We're a startup

Did you know that Nixon Williams, Clearsky, SJD Accounting, First Freelance and Parasol are all owned by the same company, Optionis? We have only scratched the surface of what we want to build so expect frequent product improvements as we grow - and tell us what features you want, we'll build them!

Press "pause" anytime

In-between roles or going back to a permanent job? We'll keep your company accounting going with a 70% discount while you're not working as a contractor or if you're in between roles.

Community - coming soon

We're building a contractor community forum where you can ask for advice, network with others and message recruiters.

How does switching work?

Switching takes under 30 seconds on your dashboard and we do all the hard work. Here's how it works:

  1. Sign up for a 30 day trial
  2. Login to your new dashboard
  3. Fill in our switching form with your accountants name + email. We'll automatically email them and request all the data we need from them.
  4. Sit back. We'll set up your FreeAgent account for you and let you know when it's ready

If you have a notice period with your accountants, we'll extend your free trial so that you're only using our service when your account is all set up and ready.

What is the onboarding process?

  1. Sign up for a 30 day trial
  2. Login to your new dashboard
  3. Add your new company details if registering or add your company number (we'll do the rest)
  4. Add your accountants details if switching - we'll work with them to get everything we need to make your switch easy
  5. Add your personal details (i.e. National Insurance number for PAYE)
  6. Verify your ID online in 2 minutes
  7. Schedule time with your new accountant who will get FreeAgent set up for you (if you have an RBS, Natwest or Mettle bank account you'll get £10/mo off)

When you sign up we'll automatically create a shared Google Drive for all your documents and include your letter of engagement there. You'll also receive a welcome text which you can respond to or call the number and we'll help.

If you need any help on your dashboard or at any onboarding steps, just use our live chat and we'll help answer any questions.