22 Best Job Sites for Contractors in the UK

From consulting platforms to interim recruiter sites, here's 19 best job sites where you can find consulting and contractor roles.


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Are you a contractor looking for your next project? When you get into contracting, it can get stressful when your project end date is just around the corner and you haven't secured your next role. No matter how many contract jobs you have successfully completed in the past, this will inevitably happen every time you approach the end of your project.

Of course, this amps up even more once you finish the contract and you have to start looking for your next gig.

As a specialist contractor accountants, one of the key questions we get asked is about where to find contract jobs and roles (and how to ensure you are a successful candidate). With so many job sites out there, it can be overwhelming to know where to start. That's why we've compiled a list of the best job sites for contractors in the United Kingdom, making your job search easier and more efficient.

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Where to Find Contractor Jobs & Roles in the City of London and the UK

Consulting Platforms

The “platform” model has turned into a hugely popular business model. Contractors can build profiles, apply to projects with proposals and start creating a trusted profile to secure more customers.

Clients can post temporary contract or fixed-term contract jobs and approve proposals with a relatively hands on or hands off approach. They can also detail job descriptions and perks, such as flexible working hours, ongoing professional training, an inclusive and diverse setting, or a hybrid working model.

Here’s a selection of some of the best platforms to find flexible working contract jobs in London and the UK.


1. Talmix

TalMix launched in 2011 and has grown significantly in the last few years.

With a network of over 50,000 consultants in 150 countries, they are able to offer a huge variety of expertise on projects in the City of London and the whole of the United Kingdom, which makes it an appealing place for companies to post opportunities.

Registration is pretty straight forward. You’ll build up a profile with previous experience and once you start getting projects, you’ll get reviewed on the platform. There are a huge variety of different expertise that you can flag that you have and projects come in from all over the world.

You’ll need more than three years' experience to sign up, but there seem to be roles for junior analysts that can speak multiple languages.


2. TopTal

TopTal’s client repertoire speaks for itself.

With companies like Airbnb, Shopify and Duolingo actively using the platform, it can lead to roles with some of the more exciting and innovative companies that are rapidly scaling up their workforce.

TopTal prides itself on connecting companies to the top 3% of talent. For consultants, the TopTal Projects is a resource that companies can use to create a strong team of seasoned experts.

The platform is a little more tech-focused, particularly around developers, but there are interesting roles for project managers, product managers and finance experts.


3. Catalant

Catalant are all about executing a strategy. They combine a technology platform designed to help companies create and track their strategy with experts to help them deliver it.

Companies can choose the software, the expert market place or combine them together.

They reportedly help 30% of Fortune 100 companies in executing their strategy with impressive brands like GE and Pfizer using the platform.

The Catalant proposition is definitely pitched at helping massive corporates in adapting rather than smaller organisations—so if you don’t want to work within large and slower moving organisations then you’re unlikely to find a role you’d like here.

You can sign up as an independent consultant on their website.

Move Me On

4. Move Me On

MoveMeOn was started by ex-McKinsey consultants with a focus on providing premium interim and permanent roles at consultancies, startups and VCs.

The platform boasts over 40,000 consultants with more than 3,000 company partners.

Companies include Babylon Health, Hello Fresh, Nike, LEK and PepsiCo to name a few!


5. Hiperpool

Hiperpool aims to connect consultants and contractors with dynamic roles coupled with ongoing career development support and insights. 

With companies like SAP, Deliveroo, Bain & Co and Vector Capital, there’s an interesting blend of companies and industries that they work with.


6. Upwork

Upwork is mixed for contractor jobs (in terms results we’ve heard about).

Once you’ve created a profile, you’ll need to focus on winning smaller pieces of work and building up a reputation on the platform which will then help you win larger projects.

You’ll have to be responsive and put together proposals to win work and the client base is very mixed but typically startups with more restrictive budgets.

It won’t be a platform for the majority of contractors, but you may be able to find small pieces of work which can increase in scope.


7. Freelancer

Similar to Upwork, Freelancer is a platform that connects contractors with clients seeking their services. Contractors can create profiles detailing skills, expertise, and previous work to attract potential clients.

Contractors can explore a vast marketplace of projects spanning various industries, from web development to graphic design to writing. They can browse through thousands of job postings and submit proposals to projects that match their skills.

Freelancer also offers features such as skill tests and certifications to help contractors stand out from the competition.


8. Guru

Guru prides itself on connecting top-notch freelancers with reputable clients. With Guru, contractors can craft a compelling profile highlighting skills, experience, and accomplishments to grab the attention of potential clients, showcase their work through a portfolio and connect with clients looking for specific skills.

Contractors can explore projects across different categories such as IT & Programming, Design & Multimedia, Writing & Translation, and more.

Guru offers a SafePay system, ensuring that freelancers receive payment for their work securely and on time.

Contractors can collaborate effectively with clients using Guru's Workroom feature, which streamlines communication and project management.

People per Hour

9. PeoplePerHour

PeoplePerHour is a UK-based platform that serves as a hub for freelancers globally, connecting them with clients seeking their expertise. Contractors can create a profile showcasing their skills and expertise. They can browse through various projects posted by clients and submit proposals outlining how you can fulfill their requirements.

Clients may offer projects either on an hourly basis or with a fixed-rate. Contractors can choose the option that aligns best with their preferences.

PeoplePerHour offers a unique feature called "WorkStream," facilitating seamless communication and collaboration between contractors and clients throughout the project lifecycle.

Contractor Recruiters

From previous experience, contractor recruiters tend to have some of the most interesting interim projects and decision making is generally faster compared to going through internal processes.

Most contractor recruiters tend to focus on projects in London but some of the larger ones like Hays will have a variety of roles across the UK.


10. Hays

Hays is one of the largest recruitment firms in the world, so understandably have a huge number of contract roles.

Roles typically range from a Business Analyst, Change Manager, PMO to more bespoke software analysis and management jobs.

They typically have over 300 contractor roles available at any time, so there’s a huge variety which is updated frequently! 


11. Freshminds

Freshminds can turn projects around insanely fast.

Speaking as a someone who has worked with them before, I’ve gone from an interview to starting work with 72 hours.

Their consultant projects can range from a single day to 6 months or longer and often get extended. Under normal non-Covid-19 circumstances, they also have a range of events and workshops to meet other consultants.

Barton Partnership

12. The Barton Partnership

The Barton Partnership have premium roles for consultants with a top-tier background.

You’ll generally need to be a more senior contractor/ consultant with a deep sector knowledge and typically with a brand stamp from a recognised strategy consulting firm.

You can find interim roles here.


13. Investigo

Investigo tends to have some very specialist contractor roles.

From an SAP experts, azure data engineers or financial consulting, you’ll generally need some pretty specific expertise here.

You can find some of their contractor roles here. However, this is currently limited to under 10 roles.


14. Mindbench

Mindbench focuses on Management Consultants and contractors.

With a decade on expertise in recruiting consultants, they specialise in connecting Management Consultants to interim and permanent roles.

Odgers Interim

15. Odgers Interim

Odgers Interim have a few global locations, with their main hub focused in London.

Getting started and submitting your CV is straight forward, and they’ll walk you through the next steps.

They do focus on supporting contractors whether it’s a first interim role or for experienced veterans - they’ve even put together an interim candidate charter here.

Contractor Job Aggregators

Some of the selected options below may seem like the "usual suspects" but it's worth exploring them given the sheer number of roles they have, combined with advanced filtering and notifications that can help you quickly respond to new roles.

CW Jobs

16. CW Jobs

If you work in IT related roles then CW Jobs is the best place to find work.

With a mix of permanent and contractor jobs, you may end up deciding to go permanent instead.

Overall, they have a high number of specialised jobs with over 600 contractor jobs.

If you’re just getting into IT contracting then they have a great post on how to become an IT contractor.


17. TechnoJobs

Similar to CW Jobs, TechnoJobs is focused on contactor jobs in IT.

They also feature a large number of roles outside the UK, which is great for those that speak a number of languages and could also help you find work in another country.

From a global perspective they have around 900 contract roles and a reasonable amount of jobs also feature the pay as well.


18. Adzuna

Adzuna’s main focus is contractor roles in London but has branched out to the wider UK.

On a recent search, we saw around 5,000 contractor jobs in London. However, like all aggregators, this applies to a wide variety of jobs like teaching assistants, paid surveys and warehouse workers.

Adzuna also have an interesting tool which helps you “value your CV” - you can find it here. You just need to upload your CV and they’ll automatically calculate what salary potential you have.


19. Indeed

You’ll have to adjust your search parameters but you can find a range of contractor opportunities on Indeed.

The use of the term “contractor” on the site means that it isn’t limited to typical contract roles like consultants, analysts, project managers or general managers so you’ll see jobs for cleaners, customer service assistants and handymen.

It’s therefore difficult to give an exact figure on consultant roles but they do have almost 20,000 contract jobs available at any time.

You can set up an account easily and get email alerts about new roles.


20. Reed

Similar to Indeed, Reed Jobs has a huge number of roles which you’ll need to filter through to find something applicable to yourself.

With around 5,000 contractor roles, there’s a good chance that you’ll find something that caters to your niche.

Reed also combines a range of online courses/ certificates from huge number of providers. This can be a great way to compare costs if you’re looking to enhance your professional development.


21. Total Jobs

With 3,000 contractor roles earning over £300/day then Total Jobs also have a variety of opportunities for consultants.

They also have a great feature to explore companies that are hiring by industry.

As an example there were were c. 140 Management Consultancies hiring and 740 companies hiring in IT.

Interim Consultancies

Interim Consulting firms can be a great source of not only projects but also a network of other consultants. You can find yourself working with some impressive people who you may end up working on future projects with.


22. Accenture

Although Accenture cut 900 jobs recently this could actually help bolster their Contractor Roles as they look to ramp up their consulting requirements as the economy picks up.

You can create an account easily and you’ll receive notifications whenever roles match your expertise.

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Umbrella Companies

In addition to job sites, contractors may also consider working through an umbrella company. An umbrella company acts as an intermediary between contractors and their clients, handling tasks such as invoicing, tax payments, and administrative duties. By joining an umbrella company, contractors can streamline their finances and focus on their work without having to worry about administrative burdens.

The internet has revolutionized the way contractors find work, with numerous job sites catering to freelancers in various industries. Whether you're a web developer, graphic designer, writer, or consultant, there's a job site out there for you. By leveraging these platforms, contractors can expand their client base, find exciting projects, and take their freelance career to the next level.

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