Refer a Friend and Earn up to £250 for Each Referral

Are you ready to unlock incredible rewards simply by referring GoForma? What if we told you that you could earn up to £250 for every friend you refer to GoForma? Yes, you read that right. We believe in rewarding loyalty, and our Refer a Friend program is the epitome of that belief.
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How the Process Works
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Add your friends details

Sign in to your GoForma account or sign up for a free community account where you can fill out our referral form.

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Track referral progress

Add your friends details and we'll reach out to them. We'll keep you updated with your referral progress in your dashboard.

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Get your reward

After your friend signs up and has activated their account for 4 months you'll receive up to £250 in Amazon vouchers.

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Refer a Friend

We'll give you up to £250 in Amazon vouchers for each successful referral*

Operate or Grow Accounting Packages:

£250 voucher

Start Accounting Package:

£125 voucher

Virtual Office or Sole Trader Accounting Packages:

£75 voucher

*This will be paid 4 months after your friend has subscribed to a paid package.

Login to Refer a Friend

The easiest way to refer a friend is by signing into your dashboard. If you don't currently have an account then you can create a free community account here.

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Introducing GoForma Referral Program

Know anybody who needs an accountant? Be a referral rockstar! Whether they're a fresh startup, a thriving business, or already have an accountant, introducing them to us could fatten your wallet with up to £250 per recommendation.

Why Refer GoForma to Your Friend?

GoForma isn't just an accounting firm; it's a game-changer in the financial world. Our award-winning services empower businesses to thrive by availing top notch accounting services, strategic financial advice, and exceptional expertise. We don’t just brag, our Google and Trustpilot reviews are the proof of our accounting excellence.

Now, imagine being the catalyst for a friend's business financial success. Sharing GoForma means sharing the key to efficient financial management, cost-effectiveness, and business success.

How Does GoForma’s Referral Program Work?

The process is as simple as ABC. Sign up for a FREE account, refer a friend to GoForma by filling out our referral form in your dashboard or on this page. When they sign up and become a part of the GoForma family, you earn rewards. For every successful referral, you could pocket up to £250. It's a win-win scenario – your friends get the best accountancy services from GoForma, and you earn the rewards.

Benefits for You

Apart from the financial rewards, referring friends to GoForma establishes you as a trusted advisor in financial matters. You enhance your network, build credibility, and contribute to making someone’s business financially sound.

Benefits for Your Referrals

Your referrals deserve the best, and GoForma is just that. By recommending GoForma, you gift your connections an access to the best accounting services with a dedicated accountant who boosts their financial efficiency and optimises their tax position. Apart from the accountancy services, your referral gets unlimited support and financial advice, meaning we work on magic, while they can focus on building their business!

Terms and Conditions

Referral payouts depend on which package your friend chooses:

  • Operate accounting package: £250 voucher
  • Start accounting package: £125 voucher
  • Sole trader accounting package: £75 voucher
  • Virtual office package: £75 voucher

Your friend must keep their account active for 4 months before we provide you with a referral payout.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I refer a friend to GoForma?

To refer a friend, simply sign up, add your friends details in your dashboard and we'll send them an email.

Are there any restrictions on the number of referrals I can make?

No restrictions at all! The more you refer, the more you earn. Sky's the limit.

How will I receive my referral rewards?

You will receive your referral reward after 4 months of your referral joining with a paid monthly subscription.