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Java Developer

August 28, 2020

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£350 to £450 a day

Contract Length











<b>Location:</b><br><br>London<br><br><b>Sector:</b><br><br>Software Engineering<br><br><b>Job type:</b><br><br>Contract<br><br><b>Job functions:</b><br><br>Back End Developer, Java Developer, Developer<br><br><b>Salary:</b><br><br>£350 - £450 per day<br><br><b>Contact:</b><br><br>Niruban Retnanandam<br><br><b>Contact email:</b><br><br><br><br><b>Job ref:</b><br><br>27370_1597663392<br><br><b>Published:</b><br><br>11 days ago<br><br><b>Duration:</b><br><br>6 months<br><br><b>Expiry date:</b><br><br>2020-09-16<br><br><b>Startdate:</b><br><br>Immediate<br><br><b>Client:</b><br><br>ClientDrop<br><br>One of our largest clients is currently going through the largest digital transformation project in the world and are looking for a Java Developer with Java 8, Kubernetes, AWS, Spring Boot, Microservices, Elastic Search, MongoDB, Kafka, Spock, Docker, REST, TDD, BDD, Paired Programming, and a pragmatic approach to software engineering. As a Java Developer you will be joining a highly skilled team of Java Developers who are at the top of their game and you will play a key part in defining the architecture of the new digital projects, having the ability to put your ideas and thoughts to the table. You will be working in fast spaced environment with the latest technologies and an industry leading project that is recognised across the industry.<br><br><b></b><br><br>Key Tools & Technology<br><br>Java 8 and the JVM ecosystem<br><br>Spring Boot, Microservices, Kafka<br><br>Jenkins, Spock, Geb, WireMock, MockLab, Gatling<br><br>Git, GitLab, Gradle, Linux, Docker, AWS<br><br>TCP/IP, HTTP, REST, DNS, SSL/TLS<br><br>Docker, AWS, Kubernetes<br><br>Other useful knowledge and experience.<br><br>Domain Driven Design (DDD)<br><br>Ember, Stylus, Angular<br><br>Terraform<br><br>Ratpack or Dropwizard and Guice<br><br>Kubernetes or Docker-based deployment architectures, e.g. Docker Swarm<br><br>DSLs<br><br>Non-relational data store experience<br><br>Event Sourcing - Kafka<br><br>TypeScript<br><br>Old-school integration patterns and technologies, e.g. SOAP, FTP, RPC<br><br>Secure programming and security standards, e.g. OWASP, OAuth2<br><br><b></b><br><br>

    <li>Location: London</li><li>Sector: Software Engineering</li><li>Job type: Contract</li><li>Job functions: Back End Developer, Java Developer, Developer</li><li>Salary: £350 - £450 per day</li><li>Contact: Niruban Retnanandam</li><li>Contact email:</li><li>Job ref: 27370_1597663392</li><li>Published: 11 days ago</li><li>Duration: 6 months</li><li>Expiry date: 2020-09-16</li><li>Startdate: Immediate</li><li>Client: ClientDrop</li><li>Java 8 and the JVM ecosystem</li><li>Spring Boot, Microservices, Kafka</li><li>Jenkins, Spock, Geb, WireMock, MockLab, Gatling</li><li>Git, GitLab, Gradle, Linux, Docker, AWS</li><li>TCP/IP, HTTP, REST, DNS, SSL/TLS</li><li>Docker, AWS, Kubernetes</li><li>Domain Driven Design (DDD)</li><li>Ember, Stylus, Angular</li><li>Terraform</li><li>Ratpack or Dropwizard and Guice</li><li>Kubernetes or Docker-based deployment architectures, e.g. Docker Swarm</li><li>DSLs</li><li>Non-relational data store experience</li><li>Event Sourcing - Kafka</li><li>TypeScript</li><li>Old-school integration patterns and technologies, e.g. SOAP, FTP, RPC</li><li>Secure programming and security standards, e.g. OWASP, OAuth2</li>

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