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Business Consultant - Strategy - Operations

August 28, 2020

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£600 to £650 a day

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    <li>Working alongside front office and support functions to proactively identify opportunities to work more effectively and efficiently</li><li>Challenging existing methods and procedures and explore alternative solutions to complex problems</li><li>Designing and shaping operating models, developing the associated organisational capabilities to deliver value</li><li>Working with senior management to assist in the development and delivery of growth strategies based on an in-depth understanding of customer needs</li><li>Tackling a wide range of business issues and opportunities across Operational Improvement, M&A Integration/Divestiture, Architectural & Organisational Design, Insights & Analytics and Research & Development</li><li>To develop and apply consulting and analysis skills to effectively solve complex business issues across multiple offices</li><li>To evaluate and provide expert input into existing and proposed business processes and practices</li><li>To understand, develop and advance the ideas of from individuals throughout the organization, including senior management</li><li>To work alongside teams to design and develop new operating models, providing expert input across organisational, process, technology and data architecture</li><li>Quickly producing findings, recommendations and models as appropriate based on incomplete information</li><li>To design, develop, implement and improve business practices by working with key stakeholders across the business</li><li>Will have an in-depth knowledge of the Insurance market and will have preferably come from a Consultancy background.</li><li>Experience within a Consulting, Change or Operations background highly desirable</li><li>Excellent verbal and written communication skills and the ability to interact professionally with a diverse group including executives, managers, and subject matter experts</li><li>Strong team player, with an appreciation of the need to ensure strong links are built and maintained with other business functions and areas</li><li>Experience of Lean desirable</li><li>Strong business data analysis skills desirable</li>

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