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Security Consultant

August 28, 2020

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£230 to £260 a day

Contract Length











<b>Role: Security Consultant/ SME</b><br><br><b>Rate/Salary : GBP 250/Day</b><br><br><b>Location: London, UK</b><br><br><b>Job type: Contract – 6 months</b><br><br><b>Job Description - Experience: 8+ Years - Security Consultant/ SME</b><br><br><b>Mandatory Skills: - Security Consultant</b><br><br><b>Good to have skills: - Security Consultant</b><br><br><b>Detailed Job Description: - Security Consultant/ SME</b><br><br><b>Contract length: 6 months</b><br><br><b>Job Types: Full-time, Contract</b><br><br><b>Salary: £230.00 to £260.00 /day</b><br><br><b>Schedule:</b><br><br><b>Experience:</b><br><br><b>Work remotely:</b><br><br>

    <li>Network and Infrastructure Security</li><li>Firewall and ICE</li><li>UVM</li><li>GRC</li><li>IDAM</li><li>In the role of Security Consultant/ SME, He/she will be part of IT Security team. It includes interfacing with key stakeholders, onsite/ offshore team management, operations, SLA and escalation management. He/ She may also deliver high-quality code deliverables for a module, lead validation for all types of testing and support activities related to implementation, transition etc. You will be part of a learning culture, where teamwork and collaboration are encouraged, excellence is rewarded, and diversity is respected and valued.</li><li>Should have good experience and knowledge in managing security operations/ services. Technical knowledge and experience in Network and Infrastructure Security is the key. Also, should have good knowledge or understanding in Security Monitoring, UVM , IDAM and GRC.</li><li>8 Hour Shift</li><li>Security Consultant, security operations/ services: 8 years (Preferred)</li><li>Security Monitoring, UVM , IDAM and GRC.: 8 years (Preferred)</li><li>Network and Infrastructure Security : 8 years (Preferred)</li><li>Temporarily due to COVID-19</li>

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