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SQL Database GIS / ESRI ArcGIS - Estate / property

August 28, 2020

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£300 to £400 a day

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<b>About us: Nasim Consulting is a leading IT consulting organisation founded in Dec 2002. The Company's main aim being providing high-end consulting services in diverse fields, Nasim Consulting is growing into a global organisation.</b><br><br>In 2003, Nasim Consulting added a new dimension to its existing placement services with the creation of a development centre, which houses many of our top IT professionals, who create applications, support our business partners and perform application maintenance as needed.<br><br>Nasim Consulting being a fast growing company plans to expand globally with the opening of its new branch in Bangalore, which is the hub of the Indian IT industry.<br><br><b>Job Title: SQL database GIS - Estates</b><br><br><b>Specialist role: Developer</b><br><br><b>Client: Government Sector (Public Sector)</b><br><br><b>Job Type: Contract</b><br><br><b>Expected contract length: 5 months</b><br><br><b>Latest start date: Thursday 1 October 2020</b><br><br><b>Job Location: No specific location, eg they can work remotely</b><br><br><b>Maximum Salary Rate Per Day: £ 300-400 Salary rate per day</b><br><br><b>Closing date for applications: Monday 7 September 2020 at 11:59pm GMT</b><br><br><b>Working arrangements:</b><br><br>Flexible working arrangements to be agreed.<br><br>Client operates and is based in London. Supplier can work remotely, but workshops with users in London are anticipated, which could be face-to-face, depending on Covid 19 circumstances.<br><br><b>Security clearance:</b><br><br>Skills and experience<br><br>The Client will use the essential and nice-to-have skills and experience to help them evaluate suppliers’ technical competence.<br><br>Essential skills and experience;<br><br><b>Summary of the work:</b><br><br>To design, develop and test a Client estates database for London with a GIS online 'front-end' to allow Client users to edit and maintain property records and related data. Solution should explore use of data feeds with other Client data sources to automate data updating.<br><br><b>What the specialist will work on:</b><br><br>Develop a SQL database with a GIS online 'front-end' which will allow users to edit and maintain property records and related data. To design and test the solution with users, who are Client organisations in London.<br><br><b>Reference ID: London estates database</b><br><br><b>Contract length: 5 months</b><br><br><b>Application Deadline: 07/09/2020</b><br><br><b>Expected Start Date: 01/10/2020</b><br><br><b>Job Types: Full-time, Contract</b><br><br><b>Salary: £300.00-£400.00 per day</b><br><br><b>Benefits:</b><br><br><b>Experience:</b><br><br><b>Work remotely:</b><br><br>

    <li>Experience and skills developing SQL or other databases for estate / property purposes</li><li>Experience and skills designing online GIS solutions, preferably using ESRI ArcGIS</li><li>Flexible schedule</li><li>Work from home</li><li>designing online GIS solutions, preferably using ESRI ArcGIS: 2 years (Required)</li><li>SQL or other databases for estate / property purposes: 2 years (Required)</li><li>Temporarily due to COVID-19</li>

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