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HR Payroll Parallel Running & Data Migration Lead

August 28, 2020

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£600 to £700 a day

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ERP Contractor – Future Northants ERP Implementation Project<br><br>HR Payroll Parallel Running & Data Migration Lead<br><br>We are seeking a contractor with significant experience of managing multiple and complex payroll parallel runs, associated data migration and cutover to live.<br><br><b>Availability: from early September 2020 to end April 2021</b><br><br>Background<br><br>ERP Gold (supporting Finance and HR & Pay core functions/service delivery) is a local implementation of Unit4 Business World currently used by the LGSS partners Northamptonshire County Council (NCC), Cambridgeshire County Council (CCC) and Milton Keynes Council (MKC).<br><br>In February 2020 LGSS Business Systems & Change were asked by the Future Northants (FN) Programme to prepare a Project Brief and High Level Plan to set out the most effective way of delivering the ERP Gold solution to support critical business services for the two new Northamptonshire unitary authorities by April 2021. The Project Brief was subsequently approved by the FN ERP Gold Project Board and FN Corporate Services Programme Board in April 2020.<br><br>The agreed approach and requirements are for the creation of two new ERP Gold Clients within the current LGSS single instance / database.<br><br>In order to ensure the delivery of a safe and legal, fit for purpose, ERP system for both unitary authorities for April 2021, the most effective way to achieve this is to split the work into two parts, which have been called Technical Stages.<br><br>Technical Stage 1 is the creation of a Minimum Viable Product (MVP) This is the build and configuration of two new ERP Gold clients onto the existing single instance of ERP Gold, one for North Northamptonshire Council (NNC) and one for West Northamptonshire Council (WNC) and includes the migration of NCC’s existing client in to the two new clients. This solution will include interim processes to ensure that the new authorities are able to operate on a ‘safe and legal’ basis, should Technical Stage 2 not be possible to achieve in time for vesting day.<br><br><b>Technical Stage 2 is the onboarding of districts and boroughs (D&Bs) to their respective new ERP Gold Client (NNC or WNC). Below is a table showing the D&Bs Unitary split:</b><br><br>District/Borough<br><br>Unitary<br><br>Borough Council of Wellingborough (BCW)<br><br>North Northamptonshire Council (NNC)<br><br>Corby Borough Council (CBC)<br><br>North Northamptonshire Council (NNC)<br><br>East Northants Council (ENC)<br><br>North Northamptonshire Council (NNC)<br><br>Kettering Borough Council (KBC)<br><br>North Northamptonshire Council (NNC)<br><br>Daventry District Council (DDC)<br><br>West Northamptonshire Council (WNC)<br><br>Northampton Borough Council (NBC)<br><br>West Northamptonshire Council (WNC)<br><br>South Northants Council (SNC)<br><br>West Northamptonshire Council (WNC)<br><br>The project has a baseline plan to deliver Technical Stage 1 & 2 for April 1st 2021.<br><br>You will be working as part of an established project team in collaboration with Project Management, other Workstream Leads, Functional and Technical Leads and Subject Matter Experts from multiple organisations.<br><br><b>You will be taking a handover from the conclusion of System Testing, which will include the following:</b><br><br>· Data Migration Strategy and Specification<br><br>· Data mapping for payroll elements and balances from source to target systems<br><br>· Data migration toolset, processes and controls<br><br>· Payroll Parallel Run Test Approach<br><br><b>You will be expected to ensure delivery of the following:</b><br><br>Design<br><br>As part of the overall project plan, create detailed Data Migration and Parallel Run test plan including resource requirements and skill sets.<br><br>Confirm agreement for Entry and Exit Criteria in line with agreed tolerances for each test phase<br><br>Provide robust and clear audit trails and reporting on data migration completed at each stage (UAT, PPR and Go Live)<br><br>Deploy – System Testing<br><br>Manage System Test / Rehearsal of Data Migration and Validation Process<br><br>Manage identification and resolution of data cleansing requirements<br><br>Execute – User Acceptance Testing<br><br>Manage Acceptance Test / Rehearsals of Payroll Data Migration process<br><br>Validate – PPR & Transition to Live<br><br>Manage Parallel Run Testing in all Test and Production cutover phases<br><br>Manage Payroll Data Migration process into Production system<br><br>Provide post go live support for each authority as they migrate onto ERP Gold<br><br>Management<br><br>Liaise with key stakeholders in all of the organisations which will comprise the 2 new unitary councils<br><br>Liaise with Finance to ensure delivery of General Ledger Costing interface<br><br>Liaise with Audit to ensure approval of the Payroll Data Migration and Parallel Run Test execution<br><br>As part of the overall project, maintain RAID log for Payroll Data Migration and Parallel Run Test phases<br><br><b>Contract length: 7 months</b><br><br><b>Job Types: Full-time, Contract</b><br><br><b>Salary: £600.00-£700.00 per day</b><br><br><b>Schedule:</b><br><br><b>Experience:</b><br><br>

    <li>Monday to Friday</li><li>Data Migration Lead: 3 years (Preferred)</li>

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