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Chief Architect / Technical Lead (Defence Digital) 3 / 4 day...

August 28, 2020

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£800 to £1000 a day

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Home Based








    <li>Solutions Architecture</li><li>Digital and IT Professional Services</li><li>Technical Leadership</li><li>Researching and understanding the MOD drivers and strategy for Digital and Information Technologies and the emerging requirements in the DIPS competition.</li><li>Researching and understanding the customers current capacities</li><li>Developing the “make/buy” strategy for projects (when should the business deliver the service itself and when should they partner with other companies)</li><li>Developing roadmaps for developing and/or scaling capabilities from the current phase of the competition through to the operational delivery of the contracted professional services.</li><li>Technical leadership for the DIPS team including contributing towards bids, strategy, approaches and future innovations.</li><li>Contributing technical leadership to a bid team</li><li>Experience with the UK Government procurement strategy</li><li>Experience operating within the MOD</li><li>Hands on experience delivering modern Digital and IT Transformation strategies</li><li>Experience with large scale Professional services</li><li>Experience solving business change challenges and IT Transformation programme.</li>

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