What are trading and registered office addresses?

When creating a Limited Company in the UK, one key thing that will be public is your registered office address. We'll talk through what this is and the difference with a trading address.

By Chris Andreou
Last updated
February 2, 2024
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What are trading and registered office addresses? guide
What are trading and registered office addresses? guide

What is a registered office address

As its name suggests, a registered office address is the address which your company is registered at Companies House. It is shown on the public record, and official mail is sent to this address. When you purchase GoForma’s virtual office package, you can use our Central London business address as your registered company address.

What is a business trading address?

A trading address is where your customers, banks or suppliers send you correspondence. It can differ from the company’s registered address, and doesn’t have to be public information.

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