How do I file for EIS investment?

We'll explain what you need to do to apply for the Enterprise Investment Scheme and how to prepare your documents.

By Chris Andreou
Last updated
February 2, 2024
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How do I file for EIS investment? guide
How do I file for EIS investment? guide

Application process for the Enterprise Investment Scheme (EIS):

To apply for the Enterprise Investment Scheme (EIS), you need to:

  • Obtain the application form from HMRC. You need to request for the form in Welsh.
  • If you’ve received advance assurance, you need to show copies of documents that have changed since you received advance assurance from HMRC.
  • If you haven’t received advance assurance, you need to provide the following information about your company and any subsidiaries:
  • Business plan and financial forecasts
  • Latest accounts or bank statements
  • An explanation of how you meet the risk to capital condition
  • Information on all trading and activities to be carried out, and how much you expect to spend on each activity

Preparing your memorandum and articles of association:

An up-to-date copy of the memorandum and articles of association

  • The information memorandum, prospectus or other document used to explain the fundraising proposal to your investors
  • Information of any other agreements between your company and the shareholder
  • A list of the amounts, dates and venture capital schemes under which you’ve previously received investment
  • Any other documents to show you meet the qualifying conditions
  • If you’re applying as a knowledge intensive company, you need to provide evidence of how you qualify as one.
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