How do I find my company number?

Can't find your company number? We'll explain where you can find it

By Chris Andreou


February 2, 2024

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How do I find my company number? guide
How do I find my company number? guide

What is a company number?

A company number (also known as a company registration number) is an eight-digit number that is assigned by Companies House to a company upon incorporation.

Where to find your company number:

1. Search on Companies House

Honestly, the easiest way to find your company number rather than sifting through documents is just to search on Companies House. You can easily search the companies house register by your company name.

Find company number companies house
Search for your company name on Companies House

2. Your certificate of Incorporation

You can locate the number on your certificate of incorporation. The first digit of the company number is usually a zero, and is omitted in most instances. As such, your certificate of incorporation will show a seven-digit company number.

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