Thinking of switching accountants?

Switching from your current accountant provider to GoForma is simple, swift and hassle-free.
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Worried switching will take up a lump of your personal time?

Rest assured, switching to us is very easy. We know your upmost focus goes towards your business that's why we take care of the handover process for you. Yes, all of it.

All you have to do is get is reach out to your previous accountant to provide your information so we can carry out our process with HMRC.

How do I switch from my current accountant?

Book in a chat or receive an instant online quote

If you haven't already done so, book in a free consultation *consultation booking link* with one of our accountant's who can run through any immediate questions you may have as well as guide to the best package for you & your business. You can also use our online tool for an instance quote.

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When do you switch accountants?

You're able to move accountants at any time that's best for you. If your current accountant is in the middle of preparing documents for you (such as your end of year accounts or tax return), it might be worth waiting until this is completed to avoid any delays with getting everything switched over.

Sign up!

After having a chat with one of our personal accountants or receiving an online quote, you'll be sent a link to sign up to our services. Once signed up, you'll be taken through to our onboarding dashboard where we'll need some basic details about you, your business and your prior accountant. If you haven't already done so, now would also be a good time to let your current/prior accountant know that you're looking to leave their services.

We'll take it from here

Once you've updated our onboarding dashboard, we will take over the switching process from start to finish. We'll reach out to your previous accountant to request all your historic information and make sure we have all the needed authorisations in place to act on your behalf going forward.

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How long does it take to switch to a new accountant?

After signing up to one of our packages, we'll get started straight away on handling the switch. Once your old accountant sends us all your information we need, we'll be ready to go!