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GoForma FAQs

If you decide to cancel your account, switch accountants or your account goes overdue by 60 days then your account will be cancelled. This may vary depending on your package.

Mail returned to sender

We will return your mail to sender when your subscription ends (e.g. if your subscription renews on the 14th June and you cancel on the 1st June, we will return mail to sender from the 15th of June). You will need to remove your correspondence address on Companies House, remove a Google My Business listing and ensure this is changed on your website and any marketing materials. We will request removal on Companies House and Google My Business if we continue to receive mail.

Professional clearance

If you switch to another accounting practice then we will wait to hear from them for a professional clearance request.

FreeAgent accounting software

You will need to start paying for your FreeAgent subscription within 14 days if we paid for your subscription. Please read more in our FreeAgent license switch section to learn more and understand the process for those with a NatWest account or previous subscription.

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