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Anyone that enquires about GoForma can book in a free accounting consultation with one of our accountants. We'll ask you to confirm the type of industry that you or your company operates in so that we can ensure you speak to an accountant that specialises in that industry.

UK advice: We currently only offer company and basic personal tax accounting options for individuals based in the United Kingdom. If you need advice on opening, operating or closing a company outside of the UK then we are unable to assist with this. If you have questions about paying yourself through a Limited Company and you're based outside of the UK then we are unable to assist. We are also unable to assist with charities or Community Interest Companies.

Typical queries: The typical thing we can help walk through on these calls are questions on company set up (limited company vs sole trader), UK accounting specific queries (e.g. VAT registration, self assessments), switching accountants, pricing, company dormancy and company closure.

As this is a free service, we would really appreciate it if you can reschedule or cancel a call 24 hours in advance to respect the time of our accountants who help provide this free advice. If you fail to cancel or reschedule a free accounting consultation call without 24 hours notice then we may choose to decline any attempts to rebook a call.

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