Contractor Accounting Services

We provide the critical accounting and filing support you need as a contractor combined with world class technology to eliminate your admin.

June 1, 2020

Accounting Services & Filing

We pride ourselves on providing an unparalled level of support that will make you feel valued, eliminate your admin and ensure you're being as tax efficient as possible.

VAT registration & filing

We'll registered your company for VAT and ensure VAT is always filed well ahead of the deadline. We will ask you to confirm that you're happy for us to automatically file your VAT without having to approve it which will ensure that we can get this filed as soon as possible.

We'll also help you get setup with a Direct Debit for HMRC so that you can make your VAT payments automatically without having to manually do this every quarter. This saves you time and the stress of ensuring you've paid on time and importantly will make sure you don't have to pay a penalty for a missed deadline.

Annual accounts

We aim to complete your annual accounts well ahead of schedule to ensure you have complete financial records.

Corporation tax

You should never have to guess how much corporation tax is due. We'll make sure you know how much is due and when it's due.

Confirmation statement

We'll make sure to keep your Companies House account up to date and ensure your confirmation statement is filed on time.

Self assessment

We include a Self Assessment with our operate and grow packages and this is also available as an additional £99+VAT one-off charge.

Tax efficiency

From your salary, dividends, pension, investments and company expenses, we'll help you optimise your tax.

Accounting Software: FreeAgent

We've tried and tested a variety of accounting software and work specifically with FreeAgent due to the features available, great user interface and custom integrations we have built into all our systems.

Mobile app

The mobile app is super easy to use and a great way to quickly invoice customers, upload pictures of receipts and track your different projects.

Unlimited invoices

Get simple (and powerful) invoicing and quotes for all your customers and clients.

Automatic bank feeds

With automatic bank feeds, all your transactions are automatically imported so you don't have to waste time on manual csv exports and imports.

Smart bank reconciliation rules

We'll automatically guess what category to use for your transactions to speed up the time it takes to reconcile your transactions.

Know your deadlines

One of our co-founders was fined due to deadlines his accountants missed and refuse to let that happen to you. You'll know exactly what deadlines you have coming up and we'll ensure we try and file things as early as possible.

Dedicated Accountants

It's important to have someone managing your accounts who truly understands your business and level of support that you want.

Single point of contact

Don't you hate those general "support@" inboxes? It's hard to know who you're talking to and often you get automated responses. We ensure that you have one main point of contact that you can ask all key account questions to. From tax, vat, billing queries or partner services - you can booking a meeting, email or text your accountant.

Highly qualified

All our accountants have extensive experience working specifically with contractor customers. From IR35 questions, company closure/ entrepreneurs relief and tax efficiency - they all have a wealth of experience on how to optimize and run your accounting efficiently.

Communicate how you want

We encourage you to book calls with your accountant so they can review your account and maximize your time on the call. You can also email them easily and even text them - we're also currently exploring WhatsApp support.

Company Registration

We'll advise you on whether setting up a Limited Company is right for you. Once you're ready then we'll register your Limited Company for free.

Registered Address and Mail Forwarding

You can use our central London address as your company registered address and we can scan and send you copies of your mail as it arrives.

A contractor switching to Forma accounting

Ready to upgrade your accounting?

We bundle everything you need to operate as a contract consultant. Get premium accounting support, FreeAgent software, partner discounts and explore thousands of contract opportunities.

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