Dedicated Small Business accountancy & Consulting

We provide bespoke small business accounting support alongside professional consulting that is designed to reduce your admin, find savings and improve your cashflow.

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Contractor Accounting:
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Professional address, pro-active reviews with dedicated personal accountant, all filing requirements and self assessments for 2 included.

Contractor Accounting:
Operate Bundle


Dedicated personal accountant, accounting software, all VAT and annual company filings and self assessment included.

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Contractor Accounting:
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Free company registration, tax-efficient pay roll and free accounting software to track your expenses and invoice your clients.

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Build Your Custom Support Package

Unsure where to start? You can find everything you need from accountancy support to the right bank account.

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new to Contracting? here's some useful resources

Take Home Pay Calculator

Find out how much you could be earning if you started contracting as a Limited Company.

Limited Company vs Umbrella

We'll help you figure out whether you should be operating as a Limited Company vs an Umbrella company

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Register a Limited Company

We'll walk you through how you register a Limited Company - something which is also offered for free with our packages.

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Contractor Insurance Options

It's important to protect yourself and your business as a contractor but it's also important not to overpay.

Best Bank Accounts for Contractors

We tested out 4 different providers - Metro, Starling, Revolut and Tide and separate the good, the bad and the ugly of opening a business bank account.

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Where to Find Contractor Jobs

We review 5 different platforms where you can find work as a contractor.

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We created a Contractor service we wanted to use


After managing a Virtual Office service to 150,000 customers Chris wanted to build the bundled services he knew people needed
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An £850 fine, overpriced insurance and an inefficient accounting service led Charlie to co-founding Forma
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After running a £4M+ a year accounting service Christian wanted to find ways to improve efficiency and service quality
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Already Contracting? here's some resources

Switch Accountants

We'll compare your current accountants and walk through the process of switching.

101 Strategies During Covid-19

We've put together 101 strategies for you during COVID-19 based on sales, networking and cost saving opportunities.

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Expenses You Could be Claiming

As a Limited Company Director there are a range of expenses you should look at claiming. We walk you through all of them.

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Self Employed Pensions & Investments

Setting up a pension or investment account is a great way to be tax efficient with your money and watch it grow.

Self Employed Mortgages

Self Employed mortgages are easier to get than you think. We've put together a checklist of everything you need.

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Contractor Calculators

Check out our contractor calculators that help you with a range of different contractor activities.

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